Urmy's Cake MixesUrmy launched her cake mix range in 2018 – available in Australia directly from Urmy’s Cakes as well as from some cake decorating suppliers in Perth. These cake mixes have also been successfully launched in the South East Asian market in 2019. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive – from how easy it is to use the mixes to how good the cakes taste. As a vegetarian herself, Urmy knows how difficult it is to get egg free cakes that are tasty. She also knows how frustrating it can be when a recipe does not work. These cake mixes were created to enable anyone make a tasty vegetarian or vegan cake on their own just using normal pantry staples. They are so easy to use and delicious that you will find yourself coming back for more!

At the moment, there are 3 flavours available: Egg free Chocolate cake, Egg free Butter Cake and Vegan Chocolate Cake. These cake mixes, though seemingly basic in flavour, are very versatile.

The current retail price for the cake mixes are:

Egg free Butter Cake – $6.95 ea.

Egg free Chocolate Cake – $8.95 ea.

Vegan Chocolate Cake – $7.95 ea.

To purchase these cake mixes, please send us email.

Urmy has produced a number of videos on YouTube that show you how these cake mixes can be used in different ways.

Watch the videos below to see how easy it is to use our range of cake mixes!

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